2) don’t buy anything

just don’t do it

just don’t do it

maybe just try something different,       try something different.

DSCN2333Okay, fine. Not buying anything at all is nearly impossible in the cash-powered, consumption-driven society that we are living in.

That being said, One Positive Action is here to remind you that alternatives exist.

More and more it seems that the world is run by corporate interests who would work us all like slaves to the grave to serve their profit margins. It’s a grim reality that we are buying into every time we sign on the line to spend our hard earned incomes on their things.


Not to mention all the waste that goes into it.

You can be part of those of us who aim to transcend consumerism.

The action is simple: Take a moment today to be aware of your own consumptive habits and desires. Is there anything you are planning on buying soon that you don’t really need? If you can do without it, just try, and see how that feels.

To go above and beyond, think about what you did yesterday…how many things did you buy? How many things did you do?

One Positive Action encourages you to keep tabs on your day to day experience. Prioritize having a good over having things.

If “a penny saved is a penny earned” than every iPhone you don’t buy is like earning a few hundred bucks.

By actively choosing to go without some things you’re saving resources, time and money that you can use for something else instead.

Maybe skip those designer jeans and treat yourself to delicious, organic fruits for the next month. Then go have some fun outside. You might find that extra activity in the sunshine makes you look and feel better than any pair of jeans ever could.


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