8) If yellow, let mellow…


Recently Gov. Jerry Brown of California announced that the entire state is in a drought emergency. Although the announcement went out this year, climatologists agree that this year marks the climax of a trend that has worsened for the last 30 years.

Residents in much of the South-western United States may now be waking up to a brutal reality: we have millions of people living in this place where there is very little water. What’s worse is that altered weather patterns brought on by climate change are proving to exacerbate the situation.

The largest water savings need to be addressed on a systemic level, such as; ridding our schools of lawns, changing large-scale farming techniques, and dare I suggest…outlawing golf-courses.

But waiting around for change from the powers that be is not viable solution, and there is much to be said for conservation on an individual level. After all, change in the world must begin with change in our selves or as someone much more eloquent that I once said, “We must be the change we want to see…”Image

With that in mind, One Positive Action would like to suggest to you a few ways you can personally save some water today…

-If yellow, let mellow (as in don’t flush your pee). Or better yet, start using grey water to flush your toilet.

-take a shorter shower (try three minutes, be strict)

-destroy your lawn (plant natives or drought resistant shrubbery)

-hand wash dishes with soapy water in a bowl

-don’t drink bottled water

-eat less meat

-be conscious of the sink (don’t leave it on)


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