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Two meals, one plate

Breakfast is served…but what to serve it on?

(reaches for a plate from the cupboard)

Oh wait, what’s this dirty / not-so-really-dirty dish doing in the sink? What was the last thing I ate off of this?..a quesadilla!

How about this: I’ll just re-use it!

No wash, no rinse, no paper towl needed. Just BLAM!

Roasted asparagus, sauteed kale, avocado salad.
Breakfast of champions: Roasted asparagus, sauteed kale, avocado salad.

That’s what we call two meals on one plate, and it’s one of many great ways to save a little of our precious resources.

12) Decorate Your World

The whole world is... a portion of the Koshland peace wall in San Francisco
The whole world is… a portion of the Koshland peace wall in San Francisco



Use a little time today to make something beautiful.

Think of what you’d like to share with the world and then write it, draw it, use whatever medium is best to just put it out there.

You can put it on your own wall, or find a place outside where others will see.

The world is a constantly changing canvas, and if we the people do not paint the picture we would like to see, then who will?

To express is to be seen and heard, and to influence others, is to make another movement toward understanding each other.

Let us keep inspiring each other toward the peace and love that we want to be.

Let there be one less billboard advertising fast food, and one more soul-inspired piece of art to admire. One less Big Mac, and one more rainbow-hearted Buddha.

Have fun with it, my friends. I can’t wait to see what you come up with.
DSCN3218_2the centipede