The Idea

One Positive Action is intended as an inspirational ‘how-to’ manual for those who wish to take direct actions to heal the world in these times of vast ecological crisis.

One Positive Action advises followers to read and deeply consider no more than one post per day. (Links to other posts at bottom of this page.) If one should feel inspired by said post, One Positive Action strongly encourages said follower to take action accordingly.

One Positive Action condones the sharing of One Positive Action’s ideas and website address with other allied individuals. One Positive Action will not press charges against those who share ideas with individuals who turn out to not be allies.

One Positive Action thanks you for your support, awareness and activity.


One Positive Action would like to end with a quote attributed here to Jimi Hendrix,

“When the power of love overcomes the love of power the world will know peace.”

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